Q: Why do limousines cost so much to rent?

A: This question is actually very simple to answer. There is alot to this business that you, the client, don't see. Things like vehicle preperation, maintenance, insurance, fuel, payroll, storage, etc...


Q: Why are your Wedding Package prices so much higher than your advertised hourly rate?

A: A lot more preperation goes into getting a car ready for your special day. Extra attention is given to ensure that each limousine is looking its absolute best. We double and triple check your itenerary and map out the best possible route to take to ensure all of the days events happen according to plan. Not to mention, the drivers Gratuity is included in the Package Price!


Q: How much money should I TIP my driver?

A: At the end of your ride, only you can truely answer this question. Gratuity is not mandatory, except when included in certain packages. If your driver went "above and beyond" to ensure your experience was one you'll never forget, 20% Gratuity is customary.


Q: How many people fit in your limo?

A: I get asked this alot ... according to the State of Ohio, a seat measuring seventeen(17) inches equals one(1) person. So in all actuality, a "20 Passenger" vehicle may not always carry twenty(20) people. Our 20 Passenger SUV Limousine seats about 15 people comfortably. A 10 Passenger limo seats more like eight(8), and so on .... If you're concerned weather your party will fit, just ask.


Q: What does my driver do when I'm not in the limo?

A: Your drivers actually has alot to do when you're not around. It's the job of the driver to keep the rear cabin area clean. He will empty trash, stock coolers and tidy up so it looks nice for when you return. Your driver may have some paperwork that he needs to catch up on. It's also the drivers responsability to count and deposit any CASH collected from the days events.


Q: Will my driver be wearing a suit?

A: Not always. Some events really don't justify wearing a suit, especially in the summer. Unless otherwise requested, your driver will wear what the event calls for. Suits are ALWAYS worn for weddings :)


Q: Can I ask the driver to join my group?

A: You can ask, but 99% of the time the answer is going to be NO. Unless the limousine can be safely parked without fear of towing, ticketing or vandalism, the driver MUST stay with the vehicle at all times. Never ask your driver to join in the consumption of alcohol.


Q: What can/should I bring with me in the limo?

A: You can/should bring anything that will make your ride more enjoyable. You should bring CD's, iPod or Mp3 player, Phone Charger, etc. Just remember, it's your resposability to remove them at the end of your ride. It's always a good idea to ensure everyone has a valid I.D. with them, especially if you and your party are going to any Night Clubs. Only bring ALCOHOL if everyone riding is of age to consume it, because you are the one responsible for them.